Sunday, February 23, 2014

A new beginning for the blog!

As promised, I am sharing the exciting changes happening with the blog! Popular with the Poplins is now very popular with the Ramseiers as well! My cousin, Katie, and I are teaming up, combining strengths, joining forces and hoping two heads are better than one. We have both gone from Meier girls to married girls, I am now a Poplin and she is a Ramseier, and even though we no longer share the same last name we still have a lot in common!
I asked Katie to write a little something introducing herself, so here she is…
A new door has opened for my project obsessed, paint covered fingers! Thanks to my cousin Rachele, who has invited me to join her, I will be blogging! I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this journey with her and all of our friends and family. I am Katie Ramseier, wife of 8 years to my amazing and hard-working husband, and mother of two incredibly sweet (and rowdy) little boys. My boys are 4 and 5 years old and at the moment we are knee deep in kindergarten and T-ball!
I am a lover of projects and all things paint and building oriented! My reason for blogging is simple; I LOVE home d├ęcor, and making things myself brings a whole new feeling of satisfaction! Having small children pulls me in so many directions, and these projects bring a sense of completion around the house (since laundry and chores are never done)! I am so thankful for this opportunity and am excited to embrace this new chapter of time with Rachele!
Thank you to everyone for supporting us. We have plans to up the ante on the blog and have some great projects lined up to share. We are big believers in DIY and have a passion for projects big and small. We are learning as we go and hope that our experiences will help others along the way. We love being creative, we love crafting, planning, building, experimenting with new tools and ideas, we love making things uniquely our own and we love showcasing fellow DIYer’s creations. This blog has been my outlet over the last nine months and has helped me keep my sanity through our move out of state and away from family and friends. My projects are like my therapy- there’s nothing like turning on your favorite music and diving into something you’ve been looking forward to working on.
I am excited to move forward with the blog and bring my cousin along with me. This blog will now be all things popular with us, projects, products, people and power tools.
PS- You may notice we have a few new sponsors and advertisers on the page! Feel free to check them out and click on any that interest you!


  1. Hello Katie.....I am JD's Auntie Louise.... and then the best thing happened he married Rachele and now I get to be her Auntie Louise.....I know the fun of following Rachele will now be doubled as I will get to follow you! You girls go ahead and knock this DIY stuff out of the park....I love it!! ps you can call me Auntie Louise too cause I am sure if your are Rachele's cousin you must be pretty special too.

  2. Looking forward to seeing and being inspired by your projects! Keep up the good work! ~Mara


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