Sunday, June 30, 2013

People and Places and Heat, OH MY!

We’ve been living in a cave, hibernating whenever possible. Blinds shuts, curtains closed, all in the hopes of avoiding the sunlight and the heat. While CA thinks they are going through a heat wave at highs of 105, we are cooling off around midnight at 105. Midnight and it’s 105, ugh, then you wake up to see the forecast and dread the fact that it will be 120 degrees all weekend! Arizona heat is no joke, just one more thing we are missing about CA life.
We have gotten to take 2 trips home to CA over the last couple of months, the last one was kind of “top secret”. Both trips have been so great and insanely busy, but it’s fun to be busy when it means seeing our family and friends!
I have a ton of pictures I wanted to share from both of our trips, but there were so many I had to shrink them down and cluster them together just to show them all off. We have gotten to see close friends, a dozen of our favorite babies and kiddos, eat at all of our favorite places, and spend time with family. This last trip home was focused around a surprise 66th birthday party for JD’s uncle that had a fun Route 66 theme. The party was perfect, the long weekend in our hometown was awesome and as always we were bummed to say bye.
Enjoy all of the pictures; they are full of our favorite people and places. I can’t wait to go home next so we can see even more friends and family that we have missed on the last trips.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blessed with Beautiful Besties

So, I’m a girl who happens to be married to the world’s greatest husband; a man who is truly my best friend. I’ve also been blessed with girlfriends who have supported me my whole life; they are my sisters, my family. I live far away from them now, and even though I’ve got my main man by my side I am still missing my girls.
Before the wedding my girlfriends threw me a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” brunch knowing my favorite meal/food is breakfast. Mmm mmm what can be better than breakfast foods!? A little while ago I put pictures from the shower on Pinterest and since then those picture have been some of the most re-pinned pins I have posted. Because of that I am going to add some more pictures of the brunch to Pinterest and hope they’re as popular as the others.
I thought I’d let my best girls know how much I am missing them and show off all of their hard work on my bridal shower. If you’ve been around them at all you know how talented they all are, they can cook, bake, decorate, sew, plan, organize, create, design, and make a girl feel loved like no other. So, with that said, here are some pictures of my favorite detail shots and my favorite ladies. Love you girls.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You NEED this!

I don’t usually, or ever, get excited about things like products or cleaning supplies because, honestly, they are boring and there are plenty of creative and fun things to go nuts over. However, the most popular household product in the Poplin house right now is our ah-mazing soap and cleaners, and for once I am enthusiastically obsessed!
Thanks to Mindy, my wonderful and supportive cousin-in-law who took me in for months while JD was in the academy, I was introduced to this product. Ever since then I knew I wanted to use it in my own house. So far, almost everyone who has come to AZ to stay with us has obsessed over it as much as I have, and they have purchased it for themselves as well as shared it with friends who have also started using it in their homes. I love spreading the clean dream!
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products in their Basil scent smell so delicious! I am not into things that smell overly sweet or floral, and I am especially not liking all of the cleaners that smell like chemicals, so that is why I love this soap, it is so fresh smelling. The Meyer’s cleaning products come in 12 different scents, I have only been able to test a few (and basil remains my favorite). They make everything from hand and dish soap to bathroom cleaners, laundry detergent and candles. The Target locations that are closest to me carry Meyer’s soaps and cleaners but they don’t always have every item so I have an on going wish list on their WEBSITE (hint hint to the hubby).
You would think I work for this company with the way I am promoting them, but I’m just sharing a great find that really cleans well, is made from natural things and smells incredible. We all have to clean right? So take this as the best advice you’ve gotten today and buy the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning products in Basil (or your scent of choice of course).

Monday, June 3, 2013

A little love in your life

Hooray, it’s Monday Funday… said no one ever! It’s Monday, booo, but in better news, the hubs is back home in 2 days, woo hoo for that! JD had to work over the weekend so I took some time to make mini printouts of our favorite quotes and scriptures.
I’m not sure how I am going to frame or arrange these yet but I knew I wanted them in our house as a reminder of the times in our relationship where they stood out. Each quote is very true in meaning for us, and important and special for its own specific reasons. One of these is even engraved on the inside of JD’s wedding ring!
I thought I’d put them on the blog in case anyone liked them and wanted to save them for their own project, who wouldn’t want a little love in their life!? I know I adore every one of these quotes and I hope you do too, have a lovely week everyone!



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