Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You had me at Merlot

          You had me at Merlot, just one of the fun prints I made for last month’s bridal shower using one of my favorite sites, PicMonkey. This will be a super quick post showing some DIY decor, and I’ll put the printables up for you to use if you like!
We collected wine corks for weeks and used them all over the shower. Two things we made were cork monogram letters of the bride and groom’s initials, and décor on picture frames that held the wine quote prints. I bought the 13 inch wooden “M” & “K” from Hobby Lobby; they were only a few dollars each! We hot glued the corks onto the letters vertically so the purple and red stain from the wine showed here and there. Same goes for the corks on the picture frames, simple as can be- hot glue them right onto your frame in any design you choose.
If you haven’t played around on PicMonkey you should check it out, you can edit photos and design/create anything from logos to party invitations, its fun! I knew I wanted to frame some cute wine quotes for the shower but I couldn’t find any I loved, or that matched our theme, so I made my own. They’re below and you can save the pictures to your computer and print from home or send them into any photo center. Wine lovers enjoy!


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  1. Did you trim the corks to be all one length for the monogram letters?


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