Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Doormat Do-over DIY

Alright Friends, get your spray paint and tape out, it’s time to give your dated doormat a face lift!
We've had this mat out year round for two years now, even though it is an autumn mat. I've always had intentions of replacing it, but it fell pretty low on my priority list. Finally I'd had enough of it and took it into our garage to see what I could do. Of course I wanted to paint a fun pattern in a bright color, but my sensible husband told me I needed to do something that worked with every season and holiday (because he knows I would have a newly decorated mat for each month if I could) so I went with his request and painted it pretty neutral.
I don’t think I even need to give ‘how-to’ instructions because this is so easy, paint anything you’d like with whatever you’ve got, no money needed! I had gray spray paint, so I sprayed the whole mat in a good heavy coat and let it dry, which didn’t take long in this AZ heat! While it was drying I printed a “J & R” on regular paper, cut them out to use as a stencil and placed them on the mat to paint our initials on. After that I used a small brush and some white paint and dabbed the paint on pretty thick, painted a heart in between the letters and that’s that, done! Much better!
Here are some other pics to get you inspired and show you ideas of things you can do to give your boring doormat a do-over.


And I just had to put a few pics up of our 'too cute for his own good' puppy checking out our newly vamped mat!

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