Thursday, June 12, 2014

$50 Laundry Room Make-over

If I would have known $50 could completely transform my laundry room I would have done it a looong time ago! But I had my sights set on ‘bigger and better’ rooms, until recently when I realized the laundry room is important too! It is connected to an entry way into our home, people definitely see it and I spend a fair amount of time in there, so why not spruce it up!? With that said, I still didn’t want to (and didn’t have) the funds to pour into it, so I did all I could, and can honestly say I am surprised with how happy my laundry room now makes me! Here are the before pictures...
Here’s the cost breakdown:
-         $3.00 Paint- Sample size container from Lowes
-         $7.00 Wood- Shelf/Ledge above washer & dryer
-         $15.00 Dispenser- Using for Detergent
-         $20.00 Storage- Three decorative boxes and basket

-         $5.00 Shoe rack- See picture at the end of this post

I only painted the upper half of the wall behind the washer and dryer, so a sample size container of paint was all I needed, I chose a light gray- which seems to be my go to color. We used the two pieces of wood from Lowes to build an additional shelf that sits right above the machines, and I gave both shelves a fresh coat of white paint using paint I had leftover from another project. I also used left over supplies to make the “wash” sign for the upper shelf. All it took was a little paint, hot glue and handful of wood shims (I buy them in contractor’s packs because I can always use them for something, and they’re only $5 a pack). Lastly I added a few things from around the house to make the room feel homier.
         Inside the boxes I organized light bulbs, batteries, flash lights, tissue, dusting supplies, and of course, extra detergent, bleach, spray and wash, fabric softener, etc. I took all of the other cleaning products that were cluttering up the shelf and used a plastic door hanging shoe rack to organize them and get them out of sight.
What a huge difference a half days work made to that little room! I don’t shut the door to hide the ugly clutter anymore and I actually like doing laundry because the room is calming and everything has a place. A little goes a long ways! Share your organization tricks and mini make-overs with me, I’d love some inspiration for all areas of the house!



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