Thursday, June 5, 2014

Eat & Drink in the kitchen!!

     These little cuties were SO easy to make! Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures of the building process for this project. Thankfully it is fairly simple to put together!  And I love the way they add to the kitchen and dining area. Such a simple idea but it really adds to the decor!

Materials (for one sign):
2-1x3 cut @ 24"
2-1x2 cut @ 24"
2-1x2 cut @ 7"
Wood stain
Wood glue
Chop saw (or hand saw)
Nail gun (or nail punch)
2 brackets to hang on the wall. (These are from michaels)
Stencil to make your words

      The first step will be to cut your pieces of wood. Cut all of them and sand (if necessary) then get ready to stain. I chose to use Rustoleum in dark walnut. Apply one coat of stain and wait and hour for it to dry, then line them up and get ready to put them together! Make sure when you line the boards up, the side you want the words on is facing down (which should also be the side you stained). You are going to make the unstained part the back. Then take your small 7" piece, add wood glue to one side and center it between your boards. I would place one 7" piece on either end of the boards to keep them sturdy and strong for your sign. Glue the second piece to the other end and nail it down! Make sure to put nails in each of the four boards as you nail into your 7" piece. This will hold it all together!!  Next I used my silhouette cameo to make a template for the words "eat" and "drink." This is so easy with the cameo but if you have a computer and printer you can pick the font you want, print it, and cut it out. Then trace it onto your sign and paint inside the lines! Once my words were dry I flipped the whole thing back over and added the brackets to hang it up. Done! 



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