Thursday, May 23, 2013

California lovin' craft

In this house we are true California kids at heart, and even though we live in Arizona, California will always be the most popular with us.
Almost everyone knows we moved to Arizona because of JD’s amazing job offer, and while AZ has brought us many awesome things (including our first home) there are so many things about CA that we constantly miss. So, I wanted something in our house to show our CA pride!
I saw a DIY ‘string art’ project on Pinterest and thought it would be fun and easy, and apparently one of my favorite friends thought so too because she bought the supplies and went to work while visiting us in AZ. We made a “P” for Poplin, a heart for looove and an outline of the good ‘ol state of California. All that is needed to make something like this is: string or yarn, nails, a piece of board and a hammer- how simple is that?! I bet everyone has all or most of these things in their house already!

Anywho… I love how these turned out and I used them on a gallery wall downstairs by our kitchen (I will post some pics of the gallery wall soon). The CA turned out super cute, we even put a little heart right over our hometown in Northern Cali. It is a fun homemade piece of décor that reminds us of where we grew up, where we met and where our family and friends are. California will always have our hearts, and now our home has a little bit of California too.

Shout out to Samantha for her craftiness!!

To do:

-         Find a wooden board in the size and shape of your choice (we painted ours gray with left over paint from our kitchen cabinets)

-         Figure out the shape you’d like to make, print it or draw it on paper and cut it out
-         Lay the paper shape on your board and hammer your nails in around the boarder of the shape
-         Once the nails are in remove the paper and start wrapping your string/yarn (make sure to tie the string in a knot around a nail to start)
-         Wrap the string/yarn from nail to nail, don’t miss any nails!
-         Once you are happy with the look tie the string off and cut! DONE!


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