Saturday, May 11, 2013


Why start a blog when there are hundred of thousands out there?? One big reason: to keep my sanity! Of course that isn’t the sole reason for getting my gab on; I also wanted a way to update those closest to us on our new lives here in AZ.
If you move a girl 800 miles away from her friends, family and job you are bound for trouble, and trouble for my husband means projects, paint, and the fear of not knowing what he’ll walk into when he comes home from work. Lucky for me I have the most supportive and patient husband a girl could ask for. I am Rachele, and my sweet husband is JD, the man who gave me the last name that I wear proudly.
With that said, this will be my outlet for ideas, my new best friend, and my way of sharing projects, products, people and places. I can’t wait to keep you updated on what is popular with us, the Poplins.

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  1. I love this! You are so adorable, and your writing captures such voice!


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