Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wreath Week: Easter Blooms

            The final day of Wreath Week is here and the last DIY wreath is probably the easiest! I wanted a wreath I could put up around Easter that wasn’t the usual 'eggs and bunnies', and that still had a ‘Spring’ feel to it. Plus I was limited to the supplies I had since my goal was to not spend any money on this week’s wreaths. I picture pastel colors and lots of blooming flowers when I think of Easter décor, so that’s exactly what I did, a giant, cheery, blooming flower. Let’s jump right into it… All you will need to make this wreath is:

-         Cardstock (regular or construction paper work, but I prefer cardstock)
-         Scissors
-         Glue (I always use hot glue)
-         Cardboard
-         Something to hang the wreath with

Step 1: You’ll need some cardboard, any cardboard, grab a cereal box if that’s what you have! Cut a good sized circle out for your base, it doesn’t have to look good or be perfect- it won’t show at all.

Step 2: Get a stack of paper, about 15 sheets, and cut them into fourths.

Step 3: Roll your pieces of paper into little ‘burritos’- from corner to corner so you have a nice point that sticks out at the ends. Glue your little burrito together, and keep on rolling baby, roll all pieces of paper!
Step 4: Begin gluing your rolled papers onto the cardboard base. Start on the outer edge of the circle and work your way in. Leave small gaps between pieces at first, and fill them in as you go.
*As I got into the center of the flower I cut some of the rolls in half, it definitely helped with the spacing!*
Step 5: Attach your ribbon (or whatever you wish to hang it with) by gluing it onto the back of the cardboard.

          Ta-da!! You have a beautifully large 3D flower that will bring you joy every time you see it on the door! I know everyone has paper and some type of cardboard they can use to make this super simple wreath. You can even make smaller versions, in any color combo, and join them all together!
That’s all for wreath week, thanks for letting me share over the past four days, it was fun to see what I could do with what I had, and I’m happy with the variety I ended up with! Send us your crafty wreath creations, we love new ideas and inspiration! Happy wreath-ing everyone!!



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