Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wreath Week: Play Ball!

              It is day 3 of wreath week and this wreath is pretty fun! For those that know us well you know that we are a baseball family, a big time baseball family! My hubby played most of his life and in College, and coached college ball for a few years before we moved. Baseball season is right around the corner, and we’ll be there opening day, Diamond Backs vs. Giants! Go Giants!! It’s Spring Training right now and living in AZ has worked out in our favor since a lot of the Spring Training games aren’t too far from our house. We still love going to the park and playing a little catch when we can, so I knew this wreath was perfect for us.
          Thanks to a very sweet family friend who sent me the idea I checked to see if we had the materials needed and went to work. (Actually I put the hubs to work and asked him to help me get started). All you will need for this wreath is:

o       Baseballs (10-12 of them)
o       A wire hanger (or sturdy enough wire to hold the weight)
o       Ribbon or décor (optional)
o       A drill and drill bit long enough to go through the baseballs

Step 1: Drill a hole through the middle of each baseball, try and make it as straight and centered as you can. Remember to be safe! (A bunch of black stuff will come out of the ball, don’t worry, that’s totally fine)
Step 2: Straighten your wire hanger out and try to get any kinks to lay flat. It won’t be perfect and it doesn’t need to be.

Step 3: Start stringing the baseballs onto the wire. You may have to wiggle a few on with a little pressure. If you are having a hard time then run the drill bit through the hole again, it will clean out anything that may be blocking the wire from going through.
Step 4: Once you have all baseballs on you can bring the two ends of the wire together, it will naturally form the circular shape of the wreath. Twist the ends together, or make a hook with one end and wrap the other wire end around it. I used a pair of pliers to help me so I knew it was secure.
Step 5: This step is optional, you can add décor or ribbon or anything you’d like to customize it. I added a little bit of Jute Twine and a left over red ribbon. (I really wanted to spruce it up and customize it to one of our favorite teams, but because I told myself I wouldn’t spend any money on these wreaths I didn’t have the supplies needed)
          *I wanted the baseballs to looks really warn, so I went outside and literally covered them in dirt and rubbed it in so they were nice and dirty*
          That is all! Hang it up and enjoy! It’s great for baseball season, baseball fans and families with little ones in T-ball! Thank you to my husband for helping me on this one, I know it was very unnatural for him to drill holes through and ‘destroy’ baseballs. Nineteen days and counting until Opening Day! Tomorrow is my last post for wreath week and I have a little something for Easter time to share!



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