Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wreath Week: Spring into Spring!

         Wreath Week, day 2! And like I said yesterday, I LOVE this wreath! Again, I gave myself the challenge of not spending any money for the 4 wreaths I made this weekend. I was stumped for a minute on this one, I had an idea of what I wanted to make, but I didn’t have a base to begin with, so I created one.
          Cardboard! Cardboard has been my friend this week and I’ve used it multiple times. I cut a cardboard box we had in our garage and gave myself two pieces to work with. I traced a circle (from a serving bowl) onto the pieces of cardboard and cut them out. I traced a smaller circle in the center of them and cut out a donut hole to create my wreath base. The reason I cut two of these circles is to double them up, you don’t need to have two circles, but I wanted to make the base a little thicker so I hot glued the circles together.
          I knew I would be using left over moss, and I wanted to make the wreath very “earthy” for Spring, so I went with Jute Twine and wrapped the cardboard with a good layer of twine. I had moss and a few faux butterflies left over from a previous project (random I know), so I figured a Spring wreath was the perfect time to use them.
          I simply spread the moss onto the wreath and hot glued it down. Last was arranging the butterflies and gluing them down as well. I tied an extra strand of Jute Twine around the top to hang the wreath with and voilá! The moss and butterflies can be found at any craft store, and you can replace them with anything else you may have that reminds you of Spring. This was sooo easy to make, the most tedious part was wrapping the twine around the cardboard, but I think it was totally worth it. I love my earthy Spring wreath!
          Tomorrow’s wreath is actually pretty cool, even the guys will like it, so check in tomorrow as wreath week continues!


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