Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Box of Sunshine

          How awesome is this!? Send someone a box of sunshine, such a sweet and simple way to brighten their day. I saw something similar (on Pinterest- of course) and knew I was going to make and send my own special surprise.
          For my box I hit up Target and a local candy shop to find all kinds of fun things, what I ended up with is: A candle, a card game, lotion, straws, lemon drops, candy coated almonds, balloons, silly glasses, a fruity drink, lemon candy cane sticks, a monogrammed mug and a giant lollipop.
          I arranged everything into a box and added a little note saying “Sending you a box of sunshine to brighten your day, as you have always brightened mine!” Lastly I took scraps and cut sunbursts out of card stock to cheer it up even more.
I love love love this idea, and I love the fact that you can add anything yellow to your box and really personalize it to the person or people you’re sending it to. I took a few minutes to compile a ‘list of yellow’ and give you ideas of fun things to send. I broke my list up into three sections, so you can check out ideas for the babes in your life, the hunks, and the littles.
Imagine how much joy you can bring to someone you love, it is the perfect way to let them know you’re thinking about them. So, send someone a box of sunshine and brighten their day!




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