Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Get Organized!!

             Helllllo!! The last couple months in the Ramseier household have been crazy busy! It has been amazing, but ridiculous trying to keep track of it all! I keep a monthly calendar in my purse with ALL of our dates, but occasionally (all the time) I forget to look at it. Oops. I think the breaking point came when I missed my eyebrow waxing appointment, not once, but twice! I rescheduled and forgot AGAIN. I couldn’t believe I did that! Something had to be done to keep track of everything…and fast! I didn’t want a plain calendar on the wall- I wanted something that fit with my décor. So, I came up with a Dry Erase Weekly/Monthly Calendar arrangement. To make one similar you will need:

-Two bigger frames (mine were 18”x14”-from Walmart)
-Decorative paper (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Joann’s carries this)
-Dry erase marker
-Chalk pen
-(MAYBE) spray paint if you want to make the frames a different color

            I started by spray painting my frames white. I took the frames apart to avoid spraying the glass. I ended up needing three coats to cover this darker wood tone. I let it sit overnight and put the frames back together the next day. 
            Then I started working on the paper for the inside of the frames. I wanted to see the whole month on a calendar but also write out one week at a time. On one frame I did Monday-Friday, and the second frame I did Saturday & Sunday plus the monthly calendar. I cut strips of paper to divide up the days of the week so it was easier to see. I used a piece of paper the same size as the frame to tape all the decorative strips onto (so they wouldn’t slip around inside the frame). Make sure you tape on the back so you can’t see through from the front. Then I used the white chalk pen, on the glass of the frame, to write in the day of the month on each week day. Confusing?! Lol yes, very. Take a look at the pics to clear up my sketchy description! 

                All that was left was to hang them up in our entry way. It has been a great way to visually keep track of everything from appointments, T-ball games and meetings to dinners and snack days at school and games. It is super easy to wipe clean and re-do on a weekly a monthly basis, plus my hubby can see the schedule and know exactly what is going on and when. Win win for everyone- we stay organized and I didn't have to sacrifice my walls or decor for a cheap paper calendar. Hope this helps give everyone an idea on how to get organized!!


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