Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paint chips & punches

        Hiiii!! The last few weeks in the Poplin household have been awesome! My parents came out for a long weekend and saw our house for the first time, one of my best friends flew out to visit for a few days, aaand it was my birthday! JD was off work for a week and I was spoiled by all kinds of gifts, yummy foods, and nights out. We also did a lot of projects, wood working/building and crafting, I am really excited to share all of them (but some of them are surprises, so I'll have to wait a bit). I do however have a fun little project that I can share today...
        Our beautiful niece was born a few months ago and I made a few things to go in her room. Her bedroom colors are super bright and cheery shades of blues and greens with pops of coral. I used canvases to make wall decor along with my handy new heart punch. I have wanted a punch for a while now, they make cutting shapes so much quicker and easier, plus I never cut straight and my cut-outs are never uniform when I need them to be. I covered the canvases in hearts and wanted the colors to fade from one to another, almost like an hombre effect. If you want to make something similar you'll need:

- canvas
- paint chips or card stock paper
- adhesive dots (I used 3D foam squares)
- a punch or scissors 

          I used paint chips instead of paper because they are a little sturdier, they come in endless color options and you can get them for free anywhere that sells paint. I am a little ashamed to say that I got {very} carried away and walked out of Lowes with a giant handful of paint chip samples! I bought the heart punch, adhesive 3D squares and canvases at Michaels and Hobby Lobby (don't forget their apps give you 40% and 50% off an item!)
         Making this is extremely easy.... Cut and stick!! Use your punch or scissors to cut lots of hearts, or your shape of choice, and lay them out on your canvas to find the fit you like. Once you have them all laid out you can apply an adhesive dot to each shape and stick them into place on the canvas. I chose to use the adhesive dots instead of glue because I wanted the hearts to pop up off the canvas a little and not be glued completely flat. It turned out pretty cute. My heart punch is large so I wasn't able to fit as many hearts on each canvas as I had hoped when I was picturing the final project, so I would use a smaller punch if you decide to try this yourself. 

        My girlfriend is still in town and we have more fun things to accomplish before she flies home tomorrow, so I am going to get back to work! Have a great weekend everyone!! 


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