Monday, April 21, 2014

Say Hello to...

I’ve mentioned it before, but I am going to say it again, the Silhouette Cameo ROCKS!! If you don’t know what I am talking about, Google it, seriously! It can print, cut and create aaanything, it is so awesome, and Katie has one, which is even better {for me, haha}. I had an idea and needed help making it happen, Katie came to my rescue! Say hello to... my new “Hello”.
It’s pretty cool, right? I thought it was so welcoming and fun to have such a personal touch on our front door. It’s made out of vinyl, I put it on the door myself, and it will peel off if I ever want to remove it. We both love vinyl, and the fact that her Silhouette Cameo gives us the power to make our own vinyl print outs is sweeeet. Let me show you how easy it is to transfer vinyl onto something…
1.        The vinyl prints and cuts itself, so peel off the surrounding vinyl that you don’t need- all that should be left is your lettering.
2.        Peel the backing off the transfer paper and place the sticky side down onto your vinyl lettering.
3.        Use a credit card to rub out any bubbles and really press the two papers together.
4.        Peel the transfer paper off slowly- the lettering should be sticking to the transfer paper, if not press and rub it together a little more.
5.        Place the transfer paper, sticky side down, onto the surface you wish to have your lettering on.
6.        Use your credit card to rub out any bubbles and press the paper onto the surface really well.
7.        Peel the paper off slowly, your vinyl should be completely transferred and in place!
It’s really just the same steps twice, first transfer the vinyl onto the transfer paper, second transfer the vinyl onto the surface, that’s it!! It only takes a few minutes and is super simple. Little change, big impact!
Vinyl will transfer and stick onto almost anything and any type of surface; doors, walls, wood, glass, metal, chalkboards, paint etc. And it comes right off if needed, which makes it perfect for décor. Here are a few pics of other projects and décor we have used vinyl on:
If you’re interested in a “hello”, or any word, phrase, quote or image, contact us! We would love to design something for you! We can easily mail these as well. We have access to every color vinyl imaginable, hundreds of fonts and images and can print a single word or an entire phrase in almost any size! Contact us for details!
Thank you, Katie, for sending my “hello”, I think it makes our entry look much friendlier, I love it!!!




  1. Very cool! The possibilities are endless. ~Mara

  2. Sorry wanted to ask if you can point me in the direction of which vinyl do you use for the transfers in your tutorial above?

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